skued.ialign(images, reference=None, mask=None, fill_value=0.0)

Generator of aligned diffraction images.

  • images (iterable) – Iterable of ndarrays of shape (N,M)

  • reference (~numpy.ndarray, shape (M,N)) – Images in images will be aligned onto the reference image. If ‘reference’ is None (default), the first image in the ‘images’ stream is used as a reference

  • mask (~numpy.ndarray or None, optional) – Mask that evaluates to True on valid pixels.

  • fill_value (float, optional) – Edges will be filled with fill_value after alignment.


aligned (~numpy.ndarray) – Aligned image. If reference is None, the first aligned image is the reference.

See also


align a single diffraction pattern onto a reference.